Planning weddings and events always requires a lot of attention: every detail must be chosen with care, whether it is an engagement party, a birthday party or a corporate event. Let expertise and taste create a unique and tailor-made experience for you and your guests: I will take care of every detail, from concept to realisation, guaranteeing a flawless and unforgettable outcome.

Each occasion deserves of being celebrated with high enthusiasm and joy, and the Gender Reveal, the party organized to reveal the sex of the baby, is not an exception! It is the time to amaze yourself and your guests with truly original ideas that will create an unforgettable 'wow' effect!
Whether it is a baptism, a first communion or a confirmation, every detail will be thought out to provide moments of joy and wonder. From the decorations to the delicious culinary offerings, I will take care of every aspect of the organisation so that you can enjoy your special day.
Each goal deserves to be celebrated: I will take care of everything from finding the perfect location to catering and banqueting excellence. Gourmet and starred menus will be specially designed to meet your needs and surprise your guests with unforgettable flavours.
The marriage proposal is a magical experience, a unique opportunity to surprise your better half. If your wish is to create an unforgettable moment, you have found the right professional: I am here to offer you a range of exciting and extraordinarily romantic solutions.
I will show you the best venues, the most refined catering and banqueting services and the possibility to havea starred chef provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience. Every detail will be taken care of with passion and dedication to leave an indelible mark
I will provide you with a selection of the best photographers in the sector, experienced professionals in capturing your products with skill and creativity. You will have at your disposal photographic studios equipped with the latest technology to guarantee high-quality shots.
The presentation of a collection is a crucial moment, an opportunity for brands to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Just like a wedding, it has to be good at the first shot! I will be happy to support you in realising a collection presentation that will leave a mark.
Organising a themed party is the best way to turn a meaningful step in your life into a memorable experience, both for you and your loved ones. I will take care of the entire organisation, from finding the vneue to banqueting details.