Luxury Experience

With me by your side, you can indulge in an extraordinary luxury experience. Let me be your guide to enter a world of exclusivity and opulence, where you can finally live the experiences you've always dreamed of — a romantic dinner prepared by a private chef, attending the Monaco Grand Prix, hiring a personal shopper, and much more.

Luxury experience in Italy Federico Silvestri wedding planner

Exclusivity and luxury

Whether it's an intimate dinner among close friends or an ultra-exclusive party, enjoy the luxury of having a personal chef right in your own home or at the venue of your choice. Let yourself be pampered and treat your guests to an unforgettable dining experience.
Choosing a personal shopper opens the door to an extraordinary experience. Whether it's for your wedding day, a special evening like the opening night at La Scala or the Rose Ball in Monte Carlo, an exclusive party, or simply a wardrobe revamp.
For the festivities you cherish or for your big day, a refined table setting will make the difference. For example, the Christmas table is the table par excellence: together with the Easter table, it is the only one for which etiquette allows candles to be lit even at lunchtime.
Do you wish to witness the Monaco Grand Prix from a private terrace overlooking the circuit or from a mega yacht docked trackside with excellent catering service or a Michelin-starred chef onboard?
"Treat yourself to the luxury of admiring the world from the height of a private jet or helicopter: for an event, a special evening, or for your business. Avoid the check-in queues, coordinate schedules that suit you best, and take advantage of the opportunity to use small, strategically located airports.
A majestic vintage sailboat that transports you back in time, a sailboat to experience the magic of the dolce vita, or a luxurious yacht to spend moments of celebration and relaxation.