Francesco and Anna's wedding was infused with an intimate and romantic ambiance, meticulously crafted by wedding planner Federico Silvestri. It was the exquisite decorations and thoughtful setups that truly elevated the charm of their special day.
The setup crafted by wedding planner Federico Silvestri and chef Stefania Carpini triumphed at the 'Cena in Bianco' event, an elegant evening in Alassio where over 30 groups competed in themed table arrangements.
Each year, Borghetto Santo Spirito comes alive with Floricola, a vibrant Floral Art Competition celebrating the rich world of floriculture and the bountiful products of Liguria's land.
A couple like no other, two young individuals who embody timeless elegance, refined and romantic without excess or exaggeration: they are Elisa and Maurizio, and Federico Silvestri has orchestrated the wedding of their dreams.