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Beach Wedding Liguria

This couple from Milan wished to celebrate their union through an evocative beach wedding in Liguria, obviously at sunset.

On the terrace of the Ligurian bathing establishment that the couple chose, I set up an imposing arch with a base of greenery that floated in the sea breeze, then embellished with peonies, orchids and hydrangeas.

The bride arrived by sea aboard a characteristic gozzo, wrapped in a beautiful mermaid dress in pearl grey tailor-made for her; as she arrived, her beauty left the groom and guests speechless.

After the ceremony, the couple made their first toast as a married couple along with their thrilled guests — but this was only the first of a series! Soon they went to the beach, where they had an aperitif followed by the cocktail with different buffets by the sea.

For the placée dinner, tables were arranged in the patio according to the aesthetic agreed with the couple: transparent chairs, linen tablecloths, glass table mats and grey chandeliers, embellished at the base by compositions in total white.

After the dinner, the suggestive moment of the wedding cake came, but this time the newlyweds decided to surprise their guests. There was no classic monumental wedding cake, instead, a buffet of real cakes aesthetically identical but with all different fillings, arranged on glass cylinders filled with flowers. And then, after the wedding cake, it ewas finally time to dance barefoot in the sand until dawn!

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Beach wedding in Liguria Italy - Federico Silvestri - Event & Wedding Planner
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