Valpolicella's soft hills hosted the wedding of this couple of parents who decided to get married hand in hand with the fruit of their love: their beautiful daughter escorted them to the altar.
Francesco and Anna decided to get married at the most evocative time of the year: this is how their winter wedding in Liguria came to life a few days before Christmas! The backdrop to this magical event was a characteristic Ligurian village.
Davide and Monica are a young Italian couple who moved to London because of work several years ago, and they decided to go back for their big day, choosing to plan a seaside Wedding in Davide's native land, Liguria.
This couple from Milan wished to celebrate their union through an evocative beach wedding in Liguria, obviously at sunset. That is why they chose as their venue an extremely refined bathing establishment.
After attending several weddings of friends, Andrea and Chiara realized they wanted something truly exceptional: a spectacular setting that would stand out from anything they had seen before.
Barbara and Alberto’s wedding in Genoa is what can be defined as the formal wedding par excellence: among all the wedding events I organized, it is undoubtedly the one that counted the most guests... seven hundred!
For love, Elisa left Liguria to go and live in Rome with her beloved Giuliano, who had to stay there because of his military career. But for her wedding, she never had a doubt: the wedding had to be celebrated in Genoa.
This couple chose to celebrate their wedding in Verona, the city of eternal love. The civil ceremony took place inside a frescoed palace in the city center, adorned for the occasion with thousands of rose petals.
When I received Alessandra's call, she confessed to me that she had just received the proposal. She and Andrea had heard good things about me, so they had decided to entrust me with their vision: nature as the protagonist.
The day she got married to Maurizio, Elisa did not want to be the classic princess, but a real Diva. For this reason, she chose a 50s themed Wedding: the moment she arrived at the church, she left everyone speechless.