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Catering & Banqueting

High quality catering & banqueting will take care of your palate during your wedding reception, offering delicious dishes and refined courses that will delight you not only with their magical flavours but also with a flawless presentation. After all, our beloved country is known for its extraordinary cuisine, a triumph of flavours, scents and culinary traditions.

Starred chefs may be a part of your wedding team, while refined mise en place studied and customised to your mood will embellish round or imperial tables to leave your guests pleasantly surprised.

I will be able to provide you with the best catering and banqueting companies, carefully selected in order to perfectly adapt to the wedding style you desire to organize. The companies will be able to satisfy every need and exceed all of your expectations, since our passion is to guarantee that every detail is taken care of and that every dish is a work of culinary art.