Bonbonnieres? Absolutely yes, but that is not all! Personalisation and attention to guests are elements of the utmost importance. Imagine a series of details specifically designed to make every moment unforgettable; let yourself be inspired!
Both the bride and groom can choose among a wide selection of breathtaking solutions for the arrival at the ceremony venue. Also for the transfer of guests, there are no limits to creativity! My aim is to create a strong impact and leave everyone speachless.
From the entertainment for the little ones, so that parents can fully enjoy the party, to the entertainment for adults, our offer is full of surprises and fun. Caricaturists, living statues, glowing butterflies, fireworks, dancers and so much more.
Within the magical scenario of a wedding under the stars, the light service is crucial, because candles are not enough to create a romantic atmosphere. Many lights will suggestively enlighten the facade of your villa or castle.
For the groom, a tailored suit represents the acme of elegance; as for the bride, I will be glad to offer her my advices and to accompany her in the choice of the most important dress, thanks to my collaboration with well-known Italian and international stylists.
Elevate your wedding ambiance with the enchanting touch of flowers. Whether adorning arches, creating soft compositions, or defining pathways, we'll collaboratively choose the perfect floral style to complement and enhance your special day.
Élite photographers and video makers will be by your side in order to capture the most beautiful and exciting moments of your wedding. They will work with discretion and respect, never being intrusive, to capture every authentic moment.
Our beloved country is known for its extraordinary cuisine: high quality catering will take care of your palate during your wedding reception, offering delicious dishes and refined courses that will delight you with their magical flavours.
I will be your loyal companion in identifying the backdrop that meets your needs and desires, always aiming at offering high quality standards. Whether your dream is a lake-side or sea-side venue, or you prefer a country or industrial atmosphere,
Taking care of stationery includes managing all the graphic aspects of the wedding, like the elements that, providing all the necessary information, will reflect the style, theme, dress code and, above all, arouse curiosity in your guests.