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Flower design

Flowers are precious companions along our life path, accompanying us from our arrival in the world until the end. They possess extraordinary emotional power and are authentic communicators. Through flowers we can express many feelings: love, joy, happiness, closeness, gratitude.

From the place of the ceremony, whether religious or civil, flowers embellish the environment in a unique way. They adorn, delimit the space, trace the path. Among floral arches, soft compositions or floral standardizations, together we will choose the style that suits your wedding, so that it is in perfect harmony with the entire creative concept.
Flowers will also be present at the reception: from the aperitif with marvellous compositions on the buffets, to the small vases placed on the tables, to the centrepieces of the placé tables, which will have to find their ideal position without being cumbersome or overwhelmed by the mise en place or the bottles that will be placed later.

Not to leave out, then, the bouquet. The bouquet deserves a special mention: once it was chosen by the groom and given by the mother-in-law, however, today it is the brides, obviously with the help of the wedding planner, who select and decide every detail, so that it becomes the perfect complement and not an extraneous element.

As a great flower lover, I have had the honour of winning numerous national and international floral competitions. My experience and dedication guide me in creating unique floral designs for your wedding.