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Wedding stationery

Taking care of the wedding stationery includes managing all the graphic aspects of the wedding, like the elements that, providing all the necessary information, will reflect the style, theme, dress code and, above all, arouse curiosity in your guests.

I take care of the invitations that will be sent over, not forgetting the importance of the envelope, since it will be the first real taste for your guests of what your big day will be: it can be transparent, white, ivory, coloured, lined or printed. But stationery does not end with the invitation: it embraces a whole universe of paper details. From the "save the date" that marks the beginning of the countdown, to the mass booklet, the menus, rice cones and place cards, not to mention the cards for the bags of sweets.

To make it all truly extraordinary, we provide you with exclusive services such as calligraphy. Using refined techniques such as hot gold printing and laser cutting, your stationery will become a masterpiece of elegance and refinement, capable of inspiring wonder and admiration.

wedding stationery