Un Matrimonio anni '50 per Elisa e Maurizio - 50's themed wedding - Federico Silvestri - Event & Wedding Planner -

50's themed wedding


For her Marriage with Maurizio, Elisa did not want to be the classic princess, but a real Diva; for this reason, she chose a 50s themed Wedding.

The religious ceremony took place in a cathedral, whose 60m long nave was set up with semi-arches decorated with hydrangeas, peonies, orchids phalenopsis and dendrobium; on the sides of the passatoia thousands of rose petals, while the poufs where the spouses would sit were embroidered with their initials.

Elisa and Maurizio decided to rely on Federico, as well as for the planning and the floral arrangement, also as thier stylist. Maurizio wore a tight in the shades of blue, tailor-made for him in a prestigious Milanese tailoring. Elisa, however, was accompanied in the atelier Couture Hayez, where she tried several models of the collection inspired by the Divas; in the end, her choice fell on the Audrey dress, a wonderful model with woven bodice and large organza skirt; for shoes, instead, she chose a model called Marilyn.

Her arrival at the church was really amazing — it just looked like a scene from a movie of an old vintage movie: driving a vintage white cabrio car there was Elisa’s dad; nearby was Elisa in her wonderful dress, no veil, because instead she wore a silk scarf wrapped in her hair and a pair of white glasses with a 50' frame. Needless to say, she was greeted by the ecstatic applause of everyone present. Only once she got out of the car, she let Federico place the wedding veil on her head.

In the venue that held the reception, tables were prepared with a pearl gray satin tablecloth; on each one, there was a glass Martini cup that contained a sphere of Gisophila, from which branches of white orchids came out.

The flat cake was presented in a wrought iron gazebo with a cascade of fiber optics and hundreds of candles and orchards to the base; the sweet table was served in the central hall of the villa under a chandelier in shades of pink and pearl gray, prenominant colors together with the white of the Wedding.

Ph credits: Gabriele Lupo

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Un Matrimonio anni '50 per Elisa e Maurizio - 50's themed wedding - Federico Silvestri - Event & Wedding Planner -
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