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Genoa Wedding

Barbara and Alberto’s Genoa Wedding is what can be defined as the formal wedding par excellence: among all the wedding events I organized, it is undoubtedly the one that counted the most guests — seven hundred of them!

All the men who had an important role — the groom, the father, the witnesses and the brothers — wore a morning dress; the bride, behind her many bridesmaids during the walk down the aisle, wore a creation of the Italian couturier master of fashion Valentino, a one-shoulder wedding dress with a long embroidered veil, embellished with a cascading bouquet of fragrant freesias and orchids Dendrobium.

Compared to the wedding ceremony, the wedding party was a little more limited: "only" 450 guests attended the reception, that took place in the family palazzo in the historic center of Genoa, an entirely frescoed building belonging to the group of buildings known as Palazzi dei Rolli. The master, dressed up with aspectacular period costume just for the occasion, welcomed the newlyweds to the Palace and opened them the way through the crowd of guests.

A monumental cake was eventually cut inside the court of honor and, afterwards, all the guests toasted the new couple overlooking from the loggias of the upper floors! A moment of pure magic.

Ph Credits: Massimo Sestini