Francesco and Anna decided to get married at the most evocative time of the year: this is how their winter wedding in Liguria came to life a few days before Christmas! The backdrop to this magical event was a characteristic Ligurian village.
Barbara and Alberto’s wedding in Genoa is what can be defined as the formal wedding par excellence: among all the wedding events I organized, it is undoubtedly the one that counted the most guests... seven hundred!
When I received Alessandra's call, she confessed to me that she had just received the proposal. She and Andrea had heard good things about me, so they had decided to entrust me with their vision: nature as the protagonist.
Alberto and Louise dreamt of a sea view wedding: that is the reason why they decided to celebrate their wedding in the Ligurian Riviera, in Cervo, a characteristic village perched on the sea.
Marco and Valentina are a young and lovely couple, with different backgrounds but linked by the shared desire of starting together a new chapter in their lives. Federico Silvestri was thier wedding planner and wedding stylist.
Davide and Silvana love spending the weekend in Alassio with their son, who is a true fan of the sea. The connection they have with this charming seaside town is so special, they chose to celebrate their wedding here.
When Serena and Fabrizio decided to get married, they were already parents of two marvelous children, Vittoria, who in that special day played the role of bridesmaid, and Davide who carried the wedding rings down the aisle instead.